Why Alpharec?


Due to business benefits:

  • We proceed quickly and efficiently to work on recruitment tasks.
  • We provide appropriate substantive support before the recruitment process begins.
  • We provide solutions not only in the field of HRM.
  • We use moderate prices of our services, which gives a very favorable price / quality ratio.
  • We offer more attractive terms of cooperation to regular clients in return for their loyalty.

Because of the advantages of recruiters:

  • We are passionate about modern human resource management. We are not satisfied only with a common solution, we are constantly monitoring the changes taking place.
  • We work with the highest ethical standards, we are reliable  and discreet. We respect the good of the client and the candidate.
  • We are ambitious. We do not have to be the greatest, but we want to be the best.

Due to the way of working:

  • We are flexible. Adapting to your individual needs is our priority.
  • We focus on quality, we care about punctuality and proper feedback. We constantly control and increase the effectiveness of our activities.
  • Recruitment projects for you are carried out with such diligence as if we were doing it for ourselves.
  • We are constantly looking for new, better, more effective and cheaper solutions to meet your expectations.
  • We are honest and helpful. You can count on us. 
 Because of our openness and innovation
  • We are eager to engage in new business projects.
  • We are happy to participate in non-commercial ventures.
  • We are happy to share our knowledge and experience.
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