Proactive recruitment of highly qualified candidates:

This form of recruitment is used for engineering, specialist and middle-level managerial positions. We carry out such projects mainly in Europe, but also outside. 


What do we specialize in?
We carry out recruitment tasks when our client do not run projects by themselves and are prefer on external support, which is usually more effective. We look for candidatures, conduct interviews, evaluate candidates and present the most appropriate to our clients. 


How do we look for candidates?
We use our own network of contacts. We are active in social media. We use online marketing tools. We publish ads on job board. We also often work with many agencies in various countries that we know over the years. 


Types of positions?
Engineer, specialist and middle management positions, mainly in IT companies, new technologies and in manufacturing enterprises. Sometimes also in companies that provide professional services for business. 


How do we stand out?
Creativity in reaching the right candidates. Contact with candidates outside standard office hours. High intensity of work on the order to show results quickly. 

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